Top Referral Bonuses 2023

Online casinos are always offering referral bonuses to attract clients and maintain loyalty among current players. Although many people are apprehensive about online casino bonuses, most of them are genuine marketing promotions.

An online casino referral bonus is one popular bonus method used by casinos to attract new players with the help of existing ones by giving away free perks.

Top Referral Bonuses 2023
What is a Referral Bonus?

What is a Referral Bonus?

This is a reward earned by recommending other people to join an online casino where one is already a member. Existing members are given a code that new referred players should input when signing up.

Once the new member joins using the referral code, the referee automatically receives the refer a friend bonus in their account.

What is a Referral Bonus?
How to Claim a Referral Bonus

How to Claim a Referral Bonus

  • Like most other online casino bonuses, the casino referral bonus can be claimed by clicking on the notification that shows on the dashboard once the friend casino bonus is earned.
  • The same bonus may be used immediately or reserved for future use. Players may also opt to accumulate several cash bonuses and use them together.
  • It is, however, important to check the terms and conditions to understand the validity of a casino referral bonus. Some friend casino bonuses expire after a certain duration (30 days in most casinos) and cannot be claimed afterward. Failure to claim them early beats the whole point of referring new players in the first place.
How to Claim a Referral Bonus
How Does the Refer a Friend Bonus Process Work?

How Does the Refer a Friend Bonus Process Work?

Online casinos work in mysterious ways - we know that all too well here at OnlineCasinoRank. Most of all because their priority is getting new players signed up. That's why it also comes down on how many friends you invite to the best online casino in Ireland.

However, since the casinos offer quite similar refer a friend bonuses, there's a basic procedure that most online casinos apply, which is this one:

Choose Your Online Casino

So, the first thing you have to do is find online casinos that offer interesting refer a friend bonuses. Obviously, this bonus won't be like the welcome bonus or the general free spins offers - however, it can be quite interesting. That's why you should find the online casino you like the most with the best bonus.

Register an Account

Now it's time to register an account to get the casino refer a friend bonus. Sign up an account at your favorite casino and make the first deposit with one of the multiple payment methods to also get the welcome bonus. Once you've used the first deposit bonus, you'll then be able to use what the casino offers in the casino refer a friend bonus department.

Invite Your Friends

Now it's time to go for the casino refer a friend scheme. For that, you have to invite your friends to sign up to the casino. Once your friends register an account and make their first deposit, you'll then get your bonus which may imply free spins, to enjoy the casino games.

How Does the Refer a Friend Bonus Process Work?
Best Referral Bonus

Best Referral Bonus

There are several factors to be considered when choosing the best referral bonus examples. These will often be related to the overall quality of the online casino. The terms and conditions of the referral bonus program needs to be clearly stated on the site. Finally, it is wise to verify how to claim before registering with the online casino.

When utilizing these friend online casino bonuses to boost a bankroll, there should not be any hidden restrictions. Therefore, transparency is one of the most critical factors.

Suppose players have a good level of clarity regarding the bonus rules. In that case, they can come up with a lucrative bankroll management strategy.

It is fair to say that a refer a friend casino bonus casino will only be as good as the game catalog. Ideally, there will be a wide variety of titles and genres to choose from. The quality of the software provider also plays a key role.

The best referral bonuses offer plenty of choices when it comes to payment method compatibility. Transaction fees and limits will be kept at a minimum or not be present at all. In addition, deposit and withdrawal times should be as swift as possible.

Safety should be the main priority of a site that offers casino referral bonuses. While these kinds of promotions can be enticing, players will need to check the robustness of the casino security before registering.

Transactions can be adequately protected with SSL encryptions and firewalls. If the site is registered with a reputable licensing authority, then this is a good sign.

If the player runs into any issues regarding their referral bonus or simply has a question to ask, the casino customer support system should offer a quick solution.

Reaching out needs to be easy to do. Therefore before choosing a referral bonus, the player may wish to check reviews of the site's customer support. The most effective ones will provide live chat and have 24/7 accessibility.

Best Referral Bonus
What to Look Out for at Referral Bonus Online Casinos

What to Look Out for at Referral Bonus Online Casinos

Each referral bonus will be different, especially in its bonus value. It will be dictated by the policies of the gambling site. There is a plethora of high-quality gambling sites to choose from. The first step to determining how appealing this refer a friend bonus is will be to analyze certain aspects of the site.

The player should ask themselves what makes this particular casino so unique. This may be determined by looking for certain features before getting those online casino referral bonuses.

All bonus money online casino referral bonuses will have terms and conditions which must be read. For example, with refer a friend bonuses, the focus should be on the withdrawal methods, the number of friends who can be referred, and the number of players within one household who can be offered the refer a friend bonus.

Many online casinos will only allow users to refer one friend to claim referral bonuses, and not more. Even the sites that offer multiple refer a friend bonuses will place a strict limit on the maximum number of people.

The highest will tend to be five friends. However, a small number of sites do allow for unlimited refer a friend bonuses.

It is also important to remember that these refer a friend casino bonuses usually have a time limit in place.

Therefore, players need to utilize these casino referral bonuses before they expire. Furthermore, even the best online casino will likely have wagering requirements that have to be met before the player can cash out their winnings.

What to Look Out for at Referral Bonus Online Casinos
Free Referral Bonus

Free Referral Bonus

One of the best things about referral bonuses is the fact that they are often free at online casinos. Rather than asking the player to deposit money to their casino account, they instead introduce new players to the gambling site using a link or email.

Despite this, there may be wagering requirements when it comes to withdrawing funds earned via the online casino referral bonus. This is why it is so essential to understand the T&Cs before committing to them.

Free Referral Bonus
Turn Referral Bonuses into Real Money

Turn Referral Bonuses into Real Money

The main appeal of these refer a friend bonuses is that players attain extra cash simply by referring their friends. For this reason, the refer a friend bonus can be seen as one of the most accessible types to utilize.

However, using it to attain real money will be determined by the form that the friend bonus casino takes. For example, it may reward players with free spins bonuses. This will appeal primarily to fans of slot games, since it means free money.

Other schemes instead give out loyalty points based on how many people the player refers to the online casino.

The higher the points, the more perks they can take advantage of. Both the slot and loyalty point types of referral bonuses have their disadvantages when turning the rewards into real and free cash. However, this can still be achieved with a long-term bankroll scheme.

However, the easiest way to turn the refer a friend bonus into real money is to opt for the cash bonus option. This is the dominant type for most online casinos. The player gains additional funds to wager with.

Once specific requirements have been met, the bonus money can then be withdrawn into their bank account. A less common referral bonus scheme may offer non-casino rewards. Examples include vouchers, event tickets, holiday packages, and physical goods.

Turn Referral Bonuses into Real Money
Alternative Bonuses at Online Casinos

Alternative Bonuses at Online Casinos

So, you're not convinced by an online casino refer a friend bonus? Alright, we get that - it's not easy to ensure a friend's deposit at an online casino. However, online casinos offer also all sorts of different bonuses which are worth looking into.

That's why we checked out sites like the Wild Casino, all using the same IP address, to figure out what type of bonuses online casinos offer in Ireland.

Welcome Bonus

The first bonus you'll get at an online casino will most likely be the welcome bonus. This is usually the most generous bonus at sites like Wild Casino, since it can include bonus money and also free spins. Plus, since it's the biggest bonus at a casino like Wild Casino, it is generally the biggest one you can claim.

No Deposit Bonus

For players who just want to try out new sites, there's nothing better than a no deposit offer. Basically, a no deposit promotion allows you to play for free but with real money from the casino. To get a no deposit offer, you just have to register an account or use a promo code. After that, you'll be able to play the best games for free!

Free Spins

As you may already know, free spins are a fan favourite among slot fans. They basically serve as real money for the best online games. However, the amount will be determined by the online casino. The good news is that you might get 50 free spins or up to 500 free spins.

Cashback Bonus

If you're concerned about losing your money, you might want to go for a cashback bonus. This bonus allows you to get part of your lost wagers back, which is great for a lot of players. However, you never get your full wager back. Usually, it's between 5% and 25%. Nevertheless, the wagering requirements are often quite good.

Alternative Bonuses at Online Casinos
Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

OnlineCasinoRank is always invested in safe and legitimate gambling. It doesn't matter if we're talking about refer a friend bonuses, welcome bonuses or a free spins bonus. What we want if for you to play responsibly and be aware of what you're doing.

If you find yourself or someone around is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are all referral bonuses the same?

No, each referral bonus is different and the rewards depend on each unique refer a friend bonus from the online casino. Usually, you can focus on the welcome bonus of the online casino to see how generous the casino offers are going to be afterwards.

How do you claim your referral bonus?

Since these work as a cash bonus to play the casino games and enter the online casino you claim the referral bonus at the beginning. The easiest way to get a refer a friend bonus is to register an account, use the initial deposit bonus and use the referral link to send it to a good friend of yours. If any of your friends sign up an account and places a first deposit, then you'll get the referral promotions.

Can you make money off referral bonuses?

That depends entirely on the referral program. Usually, casino sites will specify how the affiliate program works in the bonus conditions. If the referral programs accept real money payouts, then you can turn them quickly into winnings.

What are the terms and conditions of referral bonuses?

All referral bonuses have a unique set of terms and conditions and wagering requirements, you will find the specific terms and conditions with each bonus offer.

What special referral bonuses can I find here with OnlineCasinoRank?

There are a number of unique referral bonuses to be found within OnlineCasinoRank. Search through our offerings for more, since there are not only refer a friend casino platforms, but also welcome bonuses, free spins, promo codes, VIP program and clubs, and much more!

Are there any restrictions if I play with a referral bonus?

Online casinos have the full power to void your winnings if you play restricted casino games with a referral bonus. It is very important that you read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting it. That's because if you don't fulfil the terms and conditions and especially the wagering requirements, you won't be able to get the casino refer a friend bonus.

Do online casinos offer refer a friend bonuses?

They do! In fact, a refer a friend bonus is very common in the best online casinos. When you use an online casino refer a friend bonus, you'll be able to claim free spins or extra cash when you invite friends. For that, the casino will just need your friend's details and your friend's deposit, so that you get your refer a friend bonus.