Swiss Federal Gaming Board (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission)

Online gambling is legal in Switzerland, is covered by the Gambling Act of 2019. the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission, or ESBK) is the Swiss regulator that issues licenses to online casinos, with a focus on protecting players and providing peace of mind that a casino is operating legally and the games they offer are fair. Players based in Switzerland can check for a license issued by the Swiss regulator to ensure the website they're signing up to is legitimate. It is completely legal for Swiss players to use online casinos, and we rank and compare all casinos providing services in Switzerland.

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Swiss Federal Gaming Board (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission)
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About the Federal Gaming Board in Switzerland

Strict standards are enforced by the Swiss gambling authority, with online casinos carrying the license expected to meet all of them. A casino seeking a license from the Federal Gaming Board (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission) will be required to provide evidence that the games they run, and services they provide, are fair whilst also maintaining high standards of security. Players utilizing the services of a Swiss-licensed casino can expect fair gameplay without unfair rigging and quality service that ensures they receive any winnings they're owed and are treated with respect. Data must also be protected using industry-standard practices to prevent players from having their sensitive details stolen or misused.

Reassurance For Players

Ultimately, the primary purpose of any license is to provide reassurance to players. An online casino that lacks a reputable license is more difficult to trust and maybe operate outside of any legal regulations in a player's jurisdiction. Online gamers in Switzerland can check for a Swiss-issued license and be assured the business is compliant with Swiss laws and regulations, whilst maintaining the security of their personal data and providing access to games that are fair and run with transparency. For further details regarding online casinos licensed in Switzerland, we compare and review them so players can search this website for a list of Swiss-regulated casinos.

Collaboration and Global Standards

The Swiss Federal Gaming Board doesn’t operate in isolation. They collaborate with international gaming authorities to address issues like illegal gaming and fraud that transcend national borders. This international cooperation ensures that the gaming industry remains fair and secure globally. It also facilitates the exchange of best practices and knowledge, enhancing the overall regulation of the gaming sector.

Key Responsibilities of the Federal Gaming Board

  • Setting Industry Standards: Establishing and enforcing standards for gaming practices and casino operations.
  • Ongoing Supervision: Regularly monitoring casinos and gaming operators to ensure compliance with set regulations.
  • Vetting Process: Conducting thorough background checks and financial assessments of potential licensees.
  • Renewal and Review: Regularly reviewing and renewing licenses, ensuring ongoing compliance with evolving regulations.
  • Support Systems: Implementing and mandating support systems for players showing signs of gambling addiction.

Online Casinos Licenced by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board

Since licenses began to be issued in 2019, around 21 online casinos have been granted a license by the Swiss regulator ESBK. The license has already proven to be popular, particularly in the Swiss market locally, as players seek casino providers who they know have been vetted by their government regulator and they can therefore trust. Licenses are typically issued to land-based casinos in Switzerland that also provide online services, with Casino in Baden being the first operator to provide online casino games under the regulation of the new license which was granted in July 2019.

Though predominantly issued to land-based casinos with online offerings, the Swiss online gambling license can be obtained by other operators too. Casinos wishing to obtain the license are required to adhere to the strictest safety standards and provide proof that the games they provide operate fairly and are secure for players. For a full list of casinos with a license issued by Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission, our site ranks and reviews all of the operators so that full details of licensed casinos can easily be found by Swiss players.

Your Active Role as an Online Gambler

  • Choose Licensed Casinos: Always opt for casinos licensed by the Board to ensure a safe gaming experience.
  • Play Responsibly: Be aware of the risks and play responsibly to prevent potential gambling problems.
  • Educate Yourself: Utilize resources provided by the Board to understand the laws and regulations governing gaming.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of any changes in gaming regulations or industry standards.


As you explore the exciting world of gaming, remember the role of the Federal Gaming Commission and the security they provide. Their work ensures that your gaming experience is fair, legal, and safe. While they play a significant role, you too have a responsibility as a player. Always choose licensed casinos, play responsibly, and be aware of the risks. The gaming world is full of excitement and opportunities, and with the right approach, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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What is the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission)?

The Swiss Federal Gaming Board is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing and controlling the gambling and casino industry in Switzerland. Its primary responsibilities include ensuring fair play, issuing licenses to gaming operators, monitoring compliance with gambling laws and regulations, promoting responsible gambling, and working with international authorities to maintain global gaming standards.

How does the Swiss Federal Gaming Board regulate casinos and gaming operators?

The Board regulates casinos and gaming operators by issuing licenses, setting industry standards, and conducting regular inspections and audits. It ensures that gaming operators comply with legal and financial requirements, maintain fair gaming practices, and offer responsible gambling measures to protect players. The Board also mediates disputes between players and operators, maintaining a fair and secure gaming environment.

Can I trust casinos licensed by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board?

Yes, you can trust casinos licensed by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board. The Board follows a strict licensing process, ensuring that only operators who meet high standards of financial stability, integrity, and legal compliance receive licenses. Casinos are regularly monitored for ongoing compliance, ensuring a safe and trustworthy gaming environment for players.

What does the Swiss Federal Gaming Board do to promote responsible gaming?

The Board promotes responsible gaming through several initiatives. These include setting guidelines for casinos to identify and assist problem gamblers, launching educational campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of gambling addiction, and implementing support systems for those affected by gambling problems. The Board's focus on responsible gaming helps prevent addiction and protects vulnerable players.

How does the Gaming Board collaborate with international gaming authorities?

The Swiss Federal Gaming Board collaborates with international gaming authorities to establish consistent gaming standards and practices globally. This cooperation involves sharing information, combating illegal gaming activities, and addressing cross-border gambling issues. Such collaborations enhance the integrity and fairness of the gaming industry both in Switzerland and internationally.