Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board

South Africa’s online gambling for sportsbooks and casinos is regulated by the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board (WCGRB). The authority provides more iGaming licenses than any other regulator in the region.

As the head regulator in South Africa online gaming, the WCGRB is the most prominent, considering each of the nine provinces in the country regulates its own gambling.

Regulators ensure that casinos in the region are following the gambling laws, which protect citizens from disreputable operators. These regulations promote transparency and operational integrity. For South African consumers, the WCGRB monitors licensed operators to ensure each adheres to the legal framework established for gambling in the region.

Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board
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Online casinos licensed by Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board

For many years, gambling in the South African region faced restrictions. In 1965, the Gambling Act banned all gambling, except for wagering on horse races. By 1970, the provinces of Ciskei, Transkei, and Venda were areas where casinos began operating. By 1994, gambling in South Africa, including all forms of online gaming activity, was legalized. WCGRB and other regulators for the different provinces issue licenses and enforce licensing requirements to ensure that operators offer ethical casino services to customers.


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About Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board

The Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board has shut down more than 1000 illegally operating casinos. It has seized or destroyed more than 17,000 machines or casino equipment. The authority’s purpose is to maintain a gambling landscape that is free of corruption. By inspiring confidence in the system and improving public trust, the authority promotes responsible and safe gambling activities in the region.

South African gambling is regulated nationally, as well as by individual provinces. Applying is a straightforward process. Casinos may apply for a provincial or national license. National licenses tend to cover suppliers, manufacturers, and maintenance, including gambling industry workers. Provincial licenses remain valid within the specific province’s borders and authorize each individual casino to operate.

Applicants need only visit the correct website, download application forms, and submit the requested documentation. The entire process for approval is extensive though. Some applications take from three months to up to a year for approval.

Once approved, an operating casino must adhere to the provincial and national gambling laws, including anti-money laundering laws. Failure to pay taxes and fees may result in the license being revoked, fines, and other repercussions.

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