Risk Elements and House Edge in Online Casino Gaming



Ethan Tremblay

When surfing through the hordes of games that online casinos have to offer, you will notice not every game has the same method for playing. Some games you bet once and you’re done. In other games, you can place multiple bets within a single round. As a result, to successfully increase your chances of winning and playing smart you need to understand two concepts. House edge and element of risk.

Risk Elements and House Edge in Online Casino Gaming

House Edge

House edge is simply put a number that determines how likely you are to wining against the house. The lower the house edge, the more your chances of winning. If a slot machine has a 5% house edge that means you have a 95% chance of winning money. But house edge is only applicable for one-and-done betting. For multiple bets in a single round, we need to understand the element of risk.

Element of Risk

Element of risk calculates the house edge when multiple wagers are involved. House edge can’t calculate your chances of winning in such situations. Because there are too many unknown factors. Element of risk takes into account the average number of wagers placed and the odds of winning.

As with house edge, the lower the percentage of the element of risk the better off you are. To earn more profit from your bets, you need to have a good grasp over elements of risk as well as house edge.

House Edge vs Element of Risk

Below is a comparison list of house edge vs element of risk when considering tabletop games with multiples betting:

  • Caribbean Stud (House Edge: 5.22%, Element of Risk: 2.56%)
  • Let It Ride (House Edge: 3.51%, Element of Risk: 2.85%)
  • Mississippi Stud (House Edge: 4.91%, Element of Risk: 1.37%)
  • Three-Card Poker (House Edge: 3.37%, Element of Risk: 2.01%)
  • Wild Hold’em Poker (House Edge: 6.86%, Element of Risk: 3.23%)

So, what should you choose?

Now the question comes, if the house edge is not suited to calculating the chances of your victory accurately for games involving multiple bets, should you consider the risk element? The answer is yes. Because you are more likely to win games if you consider the risk element over the house edge.

Also, they show you that a game that you thought would be too risky to play according to the house edge is not so bad when you take into consideration the element of risk.

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