April 22, 2020

Annoying Characters at the Casino

Liam O'Sullivan
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They say every market has a mad man. This is the same case when it comes to the casino gambling community. Some characters will always kill the joy in one way or another. In this article, find six funny, annoying, or peculiar characters players should expect.

Annoying Characters at the Casino

Fake Strategist

Some gamblers are always fronting baseless strategies. Today, they will claim they have the perfect strategy to beat the house, and the next day, they abandoned it for another. Such characters really suck as they tend to force their ideas on others, yet it's in the public domain that no casino strategy guarantees winnings.

Bitter Loser

It's frustrating to lose. While some players easily get over the losses, some will always bad mouth the casino with false accusations. In the land casinos, they will be discouraging players from playing while on the online platforms, they can't stop talking about how the casino is unfair, and how they were 'cheated.'

Compulsive Gamblers

Casinos are fun, but they tag along with serious risks, especially addiction. Among the worst bunch is the compulsive gamblers. These are players who can't control their gambling. It's this irresponsible behavior that forces the authorities to restrict gambling, sometimes with an iron fist. Such gamblers spoil the show for the responsible players.

The Idlers

For the land casino enthusiasts, there's always that player who idles around the machine or table. All they do is observe what others are doing, and occasionally try to be the adviser. Such characters are disgusting, especially when one wants just a calm game time without any bother.

The Mean Type

These characters are very common in online communities. There are times players may require help, advice, or recommendations. The mean guy will always go off-topic and bring about useless trolls and spew hate all over. These are guys who don't want to see another player getting help.

The Drunkard

One of the tenets of responsible gambling is avoiding alcohol when gambling. But this is not easy for many as alcoholic drinks are available in most land casinos. Well, there are responsible drinkers, but most end up spoiling the fun for all other players when they start misbehaving in the casino lobby.

The above are just some annoying characters out there in land casinos, and online casino forums. As a player, it's important to avoid such characters at all costs as they might spoil the day. In the event they cross the lines, it's best to ignore them rather than engage in altercations, or useless fights.

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