June 27, 2022

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

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When you enter a casino, a common thing you’ll see on most players is tattoos. This is a clear indication that gambling and tattoos are inseparable. But take it from us at CasinoRank that creating a checklist full of gambling tattoo ideas is no cakewalk. You have to look at things like personal beliefs, game preferences, the ethical nature of the tattoo, design, etc. 

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

So, whether you like playing at the best online casino sites or land-based casinos, these gambling tattoo designs are for you to consider. Hope you like them!

Best Gambling Tattoo Designs

Without further ado, here is the list in no particular order. 

1. Royal flush

Are you a diehard poker fan? Then don’t miss a chance to draw the best hand in this game on your hand. This classic gambling tattoo can contain the iconic Ace of spades, the highest-ranking poker card in the deck. 

You can add a rose made of USD, EUR, CAD, or your local currency to make the whole idea more fun. This tattoo will make you look the coolest at the poker table. 

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

2. The Joker

Remember The Joker in the 2008 film, The Dark Knight, based on DC comics? You might not be attracted to this fictional movie character, but he’s still synonymous with what most gamblers like doing – daring big! 

You can draw the Joker holding a few Aces, a well-known gambling symbol. Again, you can depict yourself as a lover of spades in this gambling tattoo design. 

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

3. Tumbling Dice

Can you imagine a colorful tattoo with tumbling dice on someone’s back at the gym? Looks cool, right? Dice games like Sic Bo, Bac Bo, and Craps are among the most well-loved casino games in Macau and Las Vegas. 

You can show your love for these games by drawing a tattoo with falling dice. A dice tattoo can also show your desire to take considerable risks in life and gambling.

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

4. The King of Hearts

The “suicide king” is another iconic gambling card that you can add to your tattoo. But to look more creative, add a roulette wheel with red, black, and green pockets in the background. 

You can also add a couple of red dice, a mountain load of chips, and a bundle of cash to bring out the ideal gambling feel. This gambling tattoo will tell everyone who cares to see that you’re a proud gambler. 

The Best Kind of Gambling Tattoo Ideas 2022

Best Of The Rest Gambling Tattoos

5. Bad Boys Win

If you’re the morally strict type, please skip this gambling tattoo idea altogether and consider the other options. That said, there’s this notion in life that ladies love ‘bad’ boys. Although the jury is still out on that, you can support the idea with a well-thought-out gambling tattoo. 

Ask your tattooer to daw a “King” on the respective card holding his scantly dressed “Queens” on either side. Also, tell your artist to give the skeleton king a crown. 

6. Laugh at Fate

The Joker makes another comeback in this gambling tattoo idea. Laughing at fate is not something that most gamblers love doing, but the mighty Joker has no qualms with that. 

So, draw a tattoo of this DC character holding a half-burnt $100 note. You still don’t get the gambling sense in it? Why not add a burning ace of spades into the mix?

7. The Bold Gambler

Are you always ready to take risks on the poker or blackjack table? You can be the most diminutive guy on the table, but this tattoo will bring out the gambling beast in you. Draw a fierce tiger or lion face on your left or right chest to show you’re the courageous one in this tattoo. 

Then,  complement it with unorthodox cards, multiple dice, and a roulette wheel on the respective arm. Overall, this is arguably one of the best gambling tattoo ideas ever.

8. The past

Here is a gambling tattoo idea that holds a deeper meaning than the eyes see. On the wearing arm, draw an hourglass with the captions; “Respect” and “The Past.” 

Then, you can add a rose flower made of dollars and A to J spade royals. The idea of this tattoo is to tell those who care to see it that you’ve gone through a whole lot of things. 

9. Las Vegas

Many consider Las Vegas the gambling capital city, and this tattoo is becoming somewhat familiar these days. The wearer of this unique tattoo clearly communicates that they love gambling and would jump to the next plane to Las Vegas. 

Remember to add things like the roulette wheel, dice, and cards to make the tattoo more appealing.


These are just some gambling tattoo designs to express your love for the game. 

Remember that tattoos can help you say something deeper and personal without even uttering a word. And, of course, consult your tattooist for more gambling tattoo ideas. It’s never enough!

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