May 10, 2021

Online Casino Player Wins £1.7m Prize

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When playing at an online casino, there are high chances that you’ll lose the bet, thanks to the house edge. But that’s not always true, as with the case of Mr. Andy Green, who recently scooped a £1.7 million jackpot. But this is after three years of a stressful legal battle with Betfred to claim the reward. So, what really happened in this unique scenario that could have negative implications on the bookmaker? Read on to find out!

Online Casino Player Wins £1.7m Prize

Where It All Started

It all began in January 2018 after a mobile casino player, Andy Green, 53, said he won £1.7m playing Betfred’s Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack. However, the reward wasn’t forthcoming as Betfred claimed there was a minor “software error,” and the bookmaker’s T & C say it can withhold the money. Well, what a flimsy excuse!

As expected, Andy Green took the case to the High Court. His lawyers claimed that their client wasn’t given any proof of the said “error.” Interestingly, the online casino credited Mr. Andy’s account with £1,722,923.54, which he was unable to withdraw. Fortunately, Andy took a screenshot of the winnings after placing multiple bets.

In a new twist to the story, Betfred was willing to pay Mr. Green a £30,000 “goodwill” but on condition that he never talks about the story again. He refused the offer, after which the company increased it to £60,000. Still, he declined the offer. In April 2019, Mr. Green went to the High Court to sue the company for £2 million, including the winnings’ interests.

The Wait is Finally Over

After a long and tiring court case, the champagne will finally flow for the 54-year-old punter from Lincolnshire. The High Court ruled on April 7, 2021, that Mr. Green will now get his £17-million-pound prize plus interests after finding out that one of Betfred’s T & C applying to this case didn’t cover the circumstance in question.

According to Betfred’s lawyers, the bookmaker wasn’t liable to disburse the winnings to Mr. Green after finding a “defect” on the game that made it pay out substantial sums than intended. They claimed that the punter won the jackpot prize three times while playing the game supplied by one of its third-party partners. The lawyers added that their supplier had notified them about the problem and advised them to withhold winnings accrued from the game.

However, Mrs. Justice Foster ruled in favor of the complainant by saying the wording on the T & C clause that Betfred was relying upon was “inadequate.” She claimed that the clause was “not transparent,” and the company can’t rely on it during the case.

Surprisingly, Betfred won’t appeal the High Court ruling. As if that’s not enough, the company apologized to Mr. Green for delaying his winnings. As for the winner, he expressed his disappointment with the company and challenged other punters who have been duped by betting firms to sue them.

What Next for Betfred?

Obviously, this ruling means that the bookmaker will lose a chunk of its online customer base. When searching for the perfect gambling site, players must make sure that their winnings are guaranteed. While players can quickly identify a trusted casino by looking at the regulation, that’s not always the case as it is with Betfred. So, always go through the online casino T & C carefully and read multiple online player reviews before signing up. As for Betfred, the damage might take quite a while to repair. Bet safely!

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