April 6, 2024

Yaspa Secures UK Government Grant for Safer Gambling AI Platform

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Key Takeaways:

Yaspa Secures UK Government Grant for Safer Gambling AI Platform
  • Yaspa has received a grant from the UK government and Innovate UK to create an AI-powered Safer Gambling payments platform.
  • The new platform aims to detect and assist up to 300,000 problem gamblers, significantly impacting harm minimization efforts.
  • This initiative reflects a growing commitment in the UK to leverage technology and innovation in addressing gambling-related harm.

Yaspa, a rising star in the fintech arena, has recently been in the spotlight for securing a notable grant from the UK government, with Innovate UK, the country's innovation agency, stepping in to back its ambitious project. The company is set to embark on the development of a cutting-edge web-based B2B platform dedicated to Safer Gambling. This initiative is designed to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster operators' capabilities in identifying suspicious betting behaviors indicative of potential gambling-related harm or distress among players.

The aspirations for this new platform are high, with Yaspa estimating that it could play a pivotal role in detecting and providing assistance to as many as 300,000 problem gamblers. Such a success would mark a significant stride in combatting the challenges faced by vulnerable, at-risk, or pathological gamblers, and could revolutionize the approach to gambling-related harm minimization.

This development comes at a time when the issue of problem gambling is gaining increasing attention. GambleAware, a prominent charity committed to preventing gambling harm, released data showing that its online free self-assessment tool was utilized by approximately 100,000 individuals since its launch in April 2023. This indicates a robust interest in tools and resources aimed at minimizing gambling harm. Yaspa's platform, with the support of Innovate UK, intends to utilize sophisticated AI modeling to predict the likelihood of players being at risk due to their gambling habits.

James Neville, Yaspa's CEO and co-founder, expressed enthusiasm about the grant from Innovate UK, viewing it as a crucial step towards addressing problem gambling and safeguarding vulnerable consumers. Neville is optimistic that this financial support will not only position the platform as a compliance leader within the gambling sector but also drive significant, meaningful change.

Highlighting a unique approach, Neville pointed out that current practices often involve operators viewing players at the single-operator level, relying on disruptive checks that risk pushing individuals towards unregulated markets. Yaspa aims to change this narrative by offering a frictionless process combined with a pan-operator perspective, fundamentally transforming the experience for both operators and players.

In a move to ensure the platform's effectiveness and relevance, Yaspa plans to collaborate with academic institutions. This partnership is aimed at optimizing the solution to meet market needs and achieve its primary goal of consumer protection. This initiative underscores a broader trend within the United Kingdom towards empowering third-sector services and entities with innovative tools and monitoring options to enhance safety measures for vulnerable players.

As Yaspa ventures into this ambitious project, it stands at the forefront of leveraging technology and innovation to create a safer gambling environment, embodying a proactive approach to tackling one of the industry's most pressing challenges.

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