10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting Nuapay

The world of online payments is growing at a very fast rate these days. More and more payment solutions are introduced, so everyone is trying to catch and use the most beneficial ones.

Open banking payments services have become very useful for all industries and companies like Nuapay were established. Those companies provide open banking services that work extremely well with online casinos, as the payments are secure and very fast, compared to other common payment solutions.

Using the Nuapay payment solution can be extremely helpful for both operators and players, but how? Let's dive deeper into how Nuapay and Online Casinos can provide a whole new journey for players.

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What is Nuapay?

Nuapay is a leading platform for processing account-2-account payments and open banking on a global scope, aiming for fast payments, and a high level of security for businesses' and customers' benefit.

Nuapay was established in 2003, since when the company was aiming only for growth, taking the payment initiation to the next level. More than $42 billion is processed every year by Nuapay, which is a clear sign that the company is trustworthy, by providing a smooth and secure payment process.

In 2020, Nuapay won the award for Best Online Payments Solution Merchant, and for a reason. Nuapay is focused not on rushing business owners and customers to use its services, but slowly showing what its fully customisable open banking solutions can bring for their benefit. That way, the award-winning solution, Nuapay, is gaining trust and bigger interest every single day.

How does Nuapay work?

As you already know, Nuapay is a leading open banking business and an account-2-account payment processing solution that works for customers' benefit.

So, everything is made straightforward for both companies and customers. The whole process is that customers pay by bank transfer, sending the amount directly from their bank account to the business owner, without having to issue any card payments. All that gives customers what's expected from modern instant payment products, even recurring payments.

There are two ways to issue a payment using Nuapay, either by using the mobile app or the web portal, both of which will issue an instant secure payment.

Can you use Nuapay for Online Casino Credit Transfers?

Everything seems great about Nuapay instant payments. However, can it be implemented for playing in online casinos? Well, the answer is yes, and actually, Nuapay combined with online casinos will provide an incredible betting journey for online bettors who want to play in casinos, have a secure payment method, which proceeds instantly and does not have any hidden risks.

Unfortunately, open banking is quite a new opportunity for online casinos to implement, so, the online casino sites that support Nuapay direct debits are limited. No matter that, there are still casinos that provide both a wide selection of games and payments to Nuapay.

Once you join one of those casinos, you will have no worries about late and slow payments, and you will get your funds in and out of your account almost immediately, without having to use any credit or debit card transfers.

How to Deposit at an Online Casino using Nuapay

Joining casinos that feature the payment solutions of Nuapay will bring your betting journey to new heights. You will be able to deposit funds in your account for literally minutes.

To top up your casino account, you would need to watch out for a few things.

  • First, the casino should support Nuapay instant bank transfers.
  • Then, you only have to issue the payment to your casino account.
  • You will get your funds transferred from your bank account to your casino account within minutes.

How to Withdraw from Online Casinos with Nuapay

The process of withdrawing funds from online casinos may be a little bit different from deposits, as not every operator supports those outbound payments. So, it's highly recommended to check even before signing up for an exact casino, if it supports withdrawals via instant bank transfers.

Before just a few years, instant bank withdrawals from casinos using Nuapay, or other open banking business was almost impossible, but with the Nuapay team constantly improving its technological powers, casino fans can easily withdraw funds from more and more casinos.

If you find a casino that supports instant withdrawals, you only have to enter your details, and you will get your funds in your bank account within a very short period. As Nuapay automates the withdrawals and sends any winnings back to the original account of the deposit, both you and the operator save time from verification.

Is it required to pass verification for Nuapay transactions?

No matter that Nuapay provides high-security transaction solutions, online casinos still require you to pass an identity and address verification. That's a complete must on every legit casino website, so there is no way of skipping it, as you would not be able to collect your profits before that.

To successfully verify your account, you will have to pass a KYC verification, which aims to confirm your identity and address.

Luckily, to pass it, you will have to provide a scanned copy or pictures of any of the following documents:

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver's License

If additional address verification is required, you can use any utility bill or bank statement issued in the last 3 months. Of course, those requirements can be slightly different in different casinos.

Processing Fees and Times for Nuapay Transactions

One of the biggest benefits that brings Nuapay to the top in the industry of online payments is the fact that the processing times of all transactions are quite low, in most cases instant.

On the other hand, the fees are that low, so banks and other payment systems cannot even compete. Overall, every online casino that integrates with the industry-leading APIs of Nuapay is already a step ahead of its competitors.

Where is Nuapay Accepted

As mentioned above, Nuapay is a leading market open banking solution on a global scope. So, it can be used by people from more than 34 countries. The good news is that Nuapay is focused on growth only, so its team is constantly improving its services and expanding, adding more of the world's largest banks to the list of supporting banks that you can deposit to your casino account.

Nuapay covers all countries in Europe, making it a leading market open banking solution for the whole continent.

Top Casino Bonus Offers with Nuapay

Open banking solutions are quite a new solution for online casinos, so they are still not that widespread. So, there is a complete lack of promotions for players making deposits with Nuapay.

However, there is still a legal way for you to collect offers just by using Nuapay deposits. Of course, everything is related to welcome bonus offers, which almost any online casino offers for its newly registered customers.

Welcome Bonus Offers are available for any newly registered casino player to make their first deposit. Most operators do not have any specific requirements for payment methods, so you can qualify even if you use Nuapay.

Welcome offers are usually a portion of your first top-up, for example, 100% of your deposit of up to €300 and extra free spins. This is just an example of what initial offers casinos offer, which can be obtained by making deposits with Nuapay.

How to Choose the Best Deposit Methods

When it comes to choosing which method to use for making deposits at online casinos, you should be very careful, as you have to choose the one that works the best for you. Usually, what plays a huge role in that decision is the time deposits proceed, the fees, also security, and limits.

Luckily, Nuapay is an open banking solution that combines all that in one. The company provides instant deposits with low, or even no fees, where the security is at the highest level possible, and last but not least, the minimum limits are very low, so you can start with as little as you want.

Benefits of using Nuapay as a deposit method

  • Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • No need to visit your bank

Nuapay Account Opening Process

Nuapay is an open banking business, which provides a solution for direct debits from your account to the operator, so you won't need to create any additional account, but you will receive your funds in your casino account immediately.

Security and Safety using Nuapay for Online Casinos

The biggest issue with making transactions in online casinos happens to be security, accompanied by fees and waiting times. Nuapay provides an all-in-one solution for processing payments, which is in favor of both casino players and casinos.

Nuapay is focused on providing the best services and making its customers happy, so security is the first priority. All Nuapay payments are protected by Direct Debit Guarantee, which gives you a warrant that if anything goes wrong with a payment, a full refund will be issued immediately.

Discover Other Top Payment Methods

Nuapay is a great open banking solution for both operators and casino players, as it comes with tons of benefits, like low fees, low processing times, a high level of security, and also low minimum limits.

However, not every online casino supports Nuapay payments, which can give you a hard time finding a good one that does. Because of that, lots of players prefer using other options for making deposits and withdrawals, which are more commonly seen in casinos, and also provide similar benefits.

Bank transfers

A great alternative for payments in online casinos is the regular bank transfer, which is issued from your bank to the operator's current account. These transactions are considered very safe and reliable but have the drawbacks of high waiting times and fees.

Debit and Credit Cards

Another great alternative to Nuapay for paying at online casinos is using debit or credit cards, which are without a doubt the most commonly used way for transactions. Deposits and withdrawals with credit cards are quite simple, require you to only enter the details on your card, and you will see your funds in your casino account immediately.

Final Verdict for using Nuapay in Online Casinos

The leading global platform for processing account-to-account payments and open banking solutions, Nuapay set a new norm for online transactions. The high security, low fees, and low waiting times are just some of the reasons why the company provides one of the most awesome payment experiences for both payers and payees.

Implementing Nuapay solutions in the online casino world is happening slowly, but surely it has the potential to become the most used method for deposits and withdrawals. Operators that have already integrated Nuapay open banking options have attracted plenty of bettors, who are ready to take advantage of the direct debits, which proceed instantly. The low fees for transactions have already won over the ones from bank institutions, so overall, Nuapay has the potential to become the top payment method not only for casinos but for all industries.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Nuapay?

Nuapay is a leading platform for processing account-2-account payments and open banking on a global scope, that has the clear purpose of providing the best services for both operators and customers.

How does Nuapay Work For Playing in Online Casinos?

Making deposits or withdrawals at online casinos with Nuapay is quite easy and straightforward. You issue the payment by bank transfer, sending the amount directly from your bank to the operator.

Who Owns Nuapay?

The company behind Nuapay is EML payments, which is a global payments solution company managing a wide selection of countries from all over the globe. EML Payments is based in Australia, having offices in almost any spot in the world.

Can I Make Credit Transfers to Online Casinos Using Nuapay?

Yes, plenty of online casinos have the option to accept real-time payments with Nuapay, which guarantees you secure, fast, cost-effective, and instant transfers.

Are there any Bonuses for Using Nuapay for Deposits in Online Casinos?

Well, there are not any specific bonuses for making deposits with Nuapay. However, you can still benefit from different bonuses, by getting a welcome offer or a reload bonus, that requires an initial deposit but does not have any deposit method limitations.

What is an account-2-account payment?

Simply, the account-to-account payments process moves money directly from a payer's bank to a payee's bank without the need for third parties, such as credit or debit cards. These next-generation current accounts solutions make transactions easier, more secure, and simple.

Is it Worth Using Nuapay for Casino Payments?

Using Nuapay for casino payments has many benefits for all players. Its direct debit is connected with low, or even no fees. Also, the transactions are immediate and secure, making Nuapay a great option for casino players.