10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting Trustly

Online banking payments have now become easier with Trustly. Trustly makes online transactions simpler without using credit cards. It speeds up deposits and withdrawals across diverse sectors, online casinos included. Moreover, there are options to go for the Trustly Direct Debit method to initiate one-click services for businesses where recurring payments are happening.

Trustly’s Pay Your Invoice has customers pay on the client’s business site or store without any redirections to the other site. The customers will also be able to split the payment into installments or schedule them to the business. Trustly has its API customizable to integrate it with your business.

Gaming casinos also need payment portals or gateways, and this is where Trustly helps them. The platform also comes with an API integration ability and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting Trustly
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About Trustly

It all started in 2008 when Trustly got its launch as a digital payment provider. At that time, the firm had just three people managing the operations, and now it is a big firm with over 350 people. The brand has currently covered America as well as Europe. It does everything to overtake the card networks to allow people to pay directly from their bank cards.

With over 20+ markets, the brand has processed payments per month of around 12m.

As of now, Trustly has opened two new tech hubs in Brazil and Portugal. Its Open Banking principles have been the talk of the town. As a Fintech firm, it works on lines of the European Banking Authority. This means the users should benefit from easy payment methods, and this is where it is setting the benchmarks.

When the world is running cashless or in a contact-less format, the online platforms for payment like Trustly serve the purpose. The firm executes its services as per the Swedish Payment Services Act. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority supervises the activities of the firm.

The firm has gained popularity among users and businesses worldwide for its authentic methods and its airtight measures. There are several ways of account verification the site does to ensure the users are real and do not face any problem depositing or withdrawing funds.

Using Trustly for Online Casinos

Trustly is now one of the most preferred online payment gateways globally, easing online gamers, traders, and shoppers. This has made the gamers choose this over the others. If you look at the number of customer acquisition in financial services in European markets, you will notice a hike of up to 75% higher than the manual bank transfers.

Trustly is also one of the top payment methods for Pay n Play casinos. Have a look at the top Pay n Play casinos today.

Now, let us check out the positives and negatives of using Trustly.

1. Security

Third-party providers or TPPs and merchants have offered better safety to the users with the PSD2 API. The European Banking Authority or EBA has offered some guidance and ensures the consumers do not face any problem. Trustly follows the rules as per the Financial Supervisory Authority or FSA.

In short, it is secure for gamers to use Trustly while playing or betting at any casino without any fear. The SSL Encryption keeps the user’s identity and banking information secret.

The flexible layout of the BackOffice interface allows easy individual login and access with two-factor authentication. The BackOffice has data for the merchants or banks to extract in CSV format.

Trustly offers a Payment Initiation Service, which protects consumers while opting for it as a preferred banking method. It also requires a strong authentication and verification method where you will need to give in all your authentic banking credentials.

2. Speed

Speed is the middle name of Trustly, and it processes payouts instantly at any time of the day. This is usually when you are using the portal’s chosen banks or markets. Trustly has its proprietary banking platform to ensure this speed.

Funding on one of the partner banks of Trustly, you, as a merchant, will be able to manage the money flow across Europe. Today, gamers and merchants use Trustly for their same-day payouts. However, remember that regular banks may take more time to process these payouts. There may also be a delay in currency conversion if you use any other method. It might take 3 bank days before the funds get clearance.

3. Casino Reload Bonuses

Today, casinos offer Trustly as one of their chosen payment portals, and you, too, can benefit using the same. It is fast and hassle-free for depositing as well as withdrawing your winnings. In addition, managing payouts via this method is simple for the customers.

Many casinos offer special reload or other welcome bonuses to the users opting for Trustly. Look out for such offers by reading the terms and conditions of the casino.

4. Convenience

If you seek to deposit via Trustly, you will find many attributes that assist you in this process. The merchants and other sectors plan to partner with Trustly, prefer them for their API, and complete integration. Their BackOffice interface has all the tools to help the merchants use Trustly daily. BackOffice's team also ensures they offer support to the users around the clock 24/7 in Spanish and English languages.

They also offer cross-currency transaction ease, and all these have enabled businesses to introduce Trustly to their payment options. The convenience of using this payment gateway is what makes it an ideal choice.

5. Reputation

Trustly is a popular Payment Service Provider or PSP and working on clean lines while processing and easing online payment options. It has been helpful in the growing client base. It has digitally executed payments from an online bank to the merchant’s site. This has contributed to the millions of users they have today and the need to set up newer offices across the country.

Trustly’s reputation serves as a positive feature, and you can trust it for paying in or out.

6. Cost

The brand of Trustly is for transactions between consumers and merchants. This means you cannot integrate your business bank account with Trustly. There is no cost for integrating and setting it up. However, there is a transaction fee of 1.5% that is a minimum of 0.8 EUR, but there is no other charge. However, the banks or the country you use Trustly from has some specific charges.

7. Customer Service

Trustly’s users may have queries about the use or transactions. This is why you can at first check out the FAQ section and get all the details first. In the FAQ, there are all the possible questions and answers for the same. If you cannot find your question here, writing it down in the contact form is advisable.

The other speedier response option is to call in one of the two numbers given on the site. One is an international number, and one is specifically for the Swedish language players. The overall customer service is top-notch, which is a positive feature of Trustly and can be a great reason for gamers to opt for it. Moreover, this service is available 24/7, and it only eases the player’s convenience.

How to Open a Trustly Account Step By Step?

The best aspect of using Trustly for paying is it requires no signing up. Select Trustly as the mode of payment wherever you intend to transact or shop. You will just need to have a private bank account for the same. Ensure there should not be any credit by the bank. After checking these, you are ready to start using Trustly and follow below steps.

Select ‘Trustly’ as your payment method

Page redirects to Trustly

Select your bank and login using your bank’s details

Opt for the account you wish to pay

Confirm your payment with the preferred authentication method

Authentication methods at Trustly

Trustly uses the most effective authentication methods for banking:

Method 1: Using username and password

Method 2: Software-based technology of BankID or text message

Method 3: OTP method of banking using scratch cards or lots

Method 4: Code Card reading methods

As a method of authentication, Trustly uses the Payment Initiation Service that makes it a reliable organization. Its license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and hence, it follows the rules and protocols as per that for its benefit.

How to Fund a Trustly Account?

Whether you want to pay to a party via your bank or process an invoice or a refund, Trustly is there for you. It takes no time to process the deposits. You need not use Trustly as an e-wallet, which means you can deposit directly from your bank. This makes your online payment safer, thanks to the FSA rules.

Trustly has partnerships and associations with a diverse range of markets, and therefore, is helpful for payments in just a single click.

Trustly Direct Debit is a product in which users can try electronically for making recurring payments. They have to sign a mandate, urging the banks to deduct the amount and pay to the businesses or financial institutions when they decide. It automatically does this without you breaking a sweat.

Trustly Customer Support Options

The Swedish firm, Trustly, is an online payment portal. This portal aims to provide a safer transaction for you when you do not have a debit card and yet want to do business online. Trustly has been evolving its APK and technology to ensure you get to transact real money in 2 to 3 working days.

In case you face any problems, call them on their international numbers, or even escalate the case with a ticket. They aim to respond to complaints in a week and then respond to you in 30 days with a solution. Now let us check out the ways to raise the issue with their customer care.


In case the user notices any malfunction or delay in the services, they may mail or raise the concern by mailing to help@trustly.com. This is one of the ways of raising concerns. The other method is by sending the message via the Contact form on the site. It also has an equally fast response time of around 2 to 3 business days. Remember to mail electronically in English.

The user has a right to request the response in any official languages wherever Trustly is operating.

In case you are not satisfied with the response from Trustly, please mail the same to https://www.fi.se/en/about-fi/contact-us/.


There are two numbers where you may call and communicate with Trustly. This includes +44 20 3917 4826 and +46 8 446 831 33.

The former is a number for international consumers and merchants to call and clarify. The second number is for Swedish players and users who are comfortable communicating in their language.

Players may even check the Consumer or User FAQ on Trustly’s page to see if you get any of your queries answered there itself.

How to Deposit from Trustly Account?

The first point to note is that you need not register or have a Trustly account to use it. This is a platform offering instant bank transfers to make payments or withdrawals. It takes a few minutes to make the payment via Trustly. However, in some rare scenarios, the time may be anything between 1 and 2 days. Users need to remember the only criteria to use the banks that partner with Trustly and select it as a preferred mode of payment. Follow these simple steps of depositing.

  1. Select Trustly as your mode of payment while checking out
  2. You will be redirected to the Trustly website
  3. Log in with your private bank credentials
  4. Enter the amount you should deduct from your bank
  5. Complete the process and wait for a confirmation stating the success of the transaction.

Remember to complete the payment process within 15 minutes of logging in with your bank.

Users may initiate withdrawals by logging in to their bank account through Trustly. The iFrame of Trustly is where you select the receiving account details. It verifies the bank details before making a payout into that account. This eliminates all errors that are common in manual entries.

How to Withdraw from Trustly Account?

To withdraw, visit the merchant website where you shop or bet, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ on the website
  2. Click on ‘Withdraw’
  3. Choose Trustly Instant Transfer / Withdrawal Option
  4. Enter the amount and click on ‘Withdraw’
  5. You will be redirected to the Trustly website and enter bank details
  6. Complete the payment, and you will be redirected to the cashier
  7. The amount withdrawn will be displayed

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 USD, and it will take approximately 2 business days for processing the amount. It shall reflect on your account by 2 days, and failing which, you may contact the customer support team.

There is a way to cancel your payment, and you may get your refund within 4 to 6 days. It will depend on your bank.

Trustly Costs for Money Transfer

Trustly does not charge any money for transactions. The merchants opting for integrating Trustly can opt for API or Trustly BackOffice. This reduces the overall operational expense of the business. There is no setup fee and monthly fee too. Trustly charges a standard fee of 1.5% or a minimum of 0.8 EUR. In case a merchant or a business opts for dealing with a large volume of transactions, they will have to negotiate the same with Trustly.

Countries to which you can send Trustly money

Denmark, Italy, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Poland are the countries where you can send Trustly money.

In Denmark, you may opt for instant deposit banks such as Djurskand or Danske Bank. Next Day Deposit banks like Jyske Bank, Nordes, and more such banks from Denmark can use Trustly payments.
In Sweden, you can use SEB, ICA Banken, or Swedbank that has partnered with Trustly. Spain’s Banco Sabadell, ING DIRECT, and other banks use Trustly for their instant deposits.

Countries from which you can receive Trustly money

Trustly is a popular means of online payout, even in Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Poland.

Banks like BBVA, SEB, FOREX, Nordes, Alior BANK, Bank Pekao, Swedbank all are partners with Trustly for its direct bank e-payments. These include many banks that offer instant, as well as next-day deposit options. The withdrawal rates vary with each of these banks.

Trustly Address, Contact Information, And Phone Details

Trustly offers its online payment services to over 600m consumers, showing the diverse range of a brand. They are currently spread across as many as 29 countries. To reach the firm for any business or queries, use any of these methods and options below.

Physical Address

In case you need to send an elaborate complaint, contact the Trustly support via the contact form. Likewise, there is an option to send them a mail to the Complaints Manager at their office address:

Trustly Group AB,

Radmansgatan 40, 5th Floor,

113 57 Stockholm/ Sweden.

Phone Numbers

Ideally, to solve any problem, you can opt for the Trustly Support contact form. However, there is an option to call +44 20 3917 4826. If you need support in Swedish, call +46 8 446 831 33. The site also suggests you opt for other communication methods and not the phone when you wish to discuss something about your transaction. This is a security method for protecting the user’s account. The phone lines will remain open from 9 to 12 CET on weekdays.

The contact form is a great way to reach out to the Trustly team. Provide your account name, amount, date of transfer, and reference number along with the receiver or sender’s account number. In case you wish the team to check for any transaction, provide a screenshot of the payment as proof.

Safety In Gambling

If you or someone you know need help because of gambling problems, please visit these websites below:

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Trustly, and how to use it?

Trustly is an online payment platform, offering you a gateway to transact with your bank directly. This is possible without signing up or installation of software. All you have to do while shopping is to opt for Trustly, which will direct you to its official site. Here, you need to log into your bank using online banking details and complete the payment.

What are some of its important features?

People can use the payment method without any cards. Businesses of travel, e-commerce, gambling, and financial sectors are using these for their regular transactions.

What device does the Trustly support?

Trustly runs smoothly on all major devices with Android or iOS operating systems. This includes Windows, Mac, and other Linux-based devices.

What is the pricing for Trustly’s basic plan?

Trustly is available free of cost in the basic plan and if you wish to handle large volumes for your business, consult with their team about any higher cost packages.

Which casino accepts Trustly?

Functionally all casinos accept Trustly. However, this is still contingent on a per casino basis.

Are there any deposit fees with Trustly?

No. There are no deposit fees with Trustly, the casino carries the fees of the deposit..

Is Trustly safe to use for Online Casinos?

Trustly is an incredibly safe option at online casinos. Trustly has all sorts of safety measures in place when using your card for online payments to casinos.

Is there a Trustly bonus for new customers?

Most online casinos offer Welcome Bonuses. Whether it is Trustly specific will differ between casinos.

Do I need an internet connection to use Trustly?

Yes. To process transactions, you must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Can Trustly block gambling?

This happens on a per casino basis. But you, as a user, will not be blocked for using Trustly.