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Customer service 24/7
Wide range of payment options
Slots and live games
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When it comes to online casinos, Mummys Gold is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Casino Holdem, Video Poker, Keno, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and countless others. The game library at Mummys Gold is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Evolution Gaming. So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at Mummys Gold.



Baccarat is a casino card game that many new players choose to play. The reason behind this is because it has simple rules and thus it is easy to learn. You have three options to bet, on the player's hand, the banker's hand, or on a tie. The player hand will pay out even money, the banker hand also pays even money except minus 5% commission, while betting on a tie will pay out 8:1. This bet will bring the highest payout but at the same time this bet rarely happens so the risk is high.

When you want to play Baccarat online, you can start the game by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then placing them on the betting area. The three betting options are highlighted when you stay with your mouse over the table. There is also a separate window where you can find the results of the last 10 games, and when you are ready to play, just click on the deal button. The game aims to have a hand with a total value of 9 or closer to 9 than the dealer. The ace is worth 1, cards from 2 through 9 have their value and 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 0. If you receive a hand with a total value that is higher than 10, then the 10 value is removed. Let's say that you receive a 7 and a 6 which totals 13, then your hand will have a value of 3 only.



Spinning the roulette wheel is a scene that has been featured in many popular movies. Roulette is a very easy game to learn and it brings that casino aura that keeps players entertained. At Mummy's Gold Casino, you can find a roulette game that has replicated the real-life thrills similar to the land-based casino.

Roulette has many versions but they are all variations of the three classic games French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette.

For an ultimate experience you can try the Live Roulette game where a real-life person spins the wheel and multiple cameras stream the action to your screen.

A new and very interesting version of the game is the Double Roulette where two balls are sent onto the wheel for two potentially winning numbers.

Generally, roulette is played in the same way, no matter which version you choose to play. American Roulette has an extra zero which increases the house edge and for that reason most players choose the European or French version of the game. The game is so simple to learn, you can place your chips on the table and wait for the ball to land on the number that you predicted to win. But at the same time the game is complex, offering different types of bets where some bets happen more regularly and others don’t. If you want to play the game and take full advantage of it then you will need to learn the rules and explore some of the many strategies for this game.

Basic Betting with Roulette

The game has two parts, the first one is where you place your bet and the second one is the wheel which the croupier spins the white ball on. If you are a complete novice and you want to place a few bets on the game you can try the red/black bet. If the ball lands in the color you have chosen you to win an even payout.

There are two types of bets inside and outside bets at roulette.

Outside Bets – These bets are the ones that almost everyone is familiar with. They offer lower payout and better chances of winning. Gamblers who like to play safe choose these kinds of bets and have longer gaming sessions. And, if you choose to play French Roulette you can take advantage of the ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ rule which will give you the chance to earn some or even all your money back when the ball lands on zero.

The reason why your chances of guessing this bet are greater is that you are betting on a broader category of numbers. So let's see the types of bets you can make:

  • Column Bet – This bet uses 12 numbers in a column, and it covers 1/3 of the wheel and the payout is 2:1.
  • Dozen Bet – This bet allows you to bet 12 numbers for each spin, and the payout is 2:1.
  • Bet on Color – This bet will cover all the red numbers or all the black numbers. The payout for this bet is 1:1.
  • Bet on Odd / Even – This bet covers either all the even or odd numbers. The payout for this bet is 1:1. Keep in mind that this bet doesn't cover the 0 and 00 slots, so if the ball lands on one of these numbers you will lose your bet if you are playing American Roulette.
  • Bet on Low / High – This is where you select either all the low or all the high numbers, and this bet covers almost half the numbers on the wheel. The payout for this bet is 1:1.

Inside Bets – These bets take place in the inner section of the table and they offer higher payouts, but the chances of guessing this bet are lower. Usually, gamblers who like to take more risks choose these bets. If you are playing on a limited budget then we advise you to stay away from these bets. There are 6 inside bets you can place on the roulette table and they are as follows:

  • Straight up Bet – This is a bet on a single number and it offers an amazing payout of 35:1.
  • Split Bet – This bet is placed on two adjacent numbers and the payout for this bet is 17:1.
  • Street Bet – This bet is placed on three numbers in a row and the payout for this bet is 11:1.
  • Corner Bet – This bet is very similar to Street Bet but this time you bet on a group of 4 numbers, and the payout for this bet is 8:1.
  • Five Bet – This bet is a bet on the following numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, and the payout for this bet is 6:1.
  • Line Bet – This bet involves two rows containing 3 numbers each, and the payout is 5:1.

American Roulette is a classic version of roulette that has one extra 00 pockets. This means that the wheel is split into 38 segments rather than 37. This extra pocket indeed increases the house edge of the game but at the same time it makes it more challenging.

European Roulette is the oldest and most popular casino game in the world and you have the chance to play it at Mummy's Gold Casino. The wheel is divided into segments that are numbered from 1 to 36, colored in black and red, and one pocket is numbered 0 and colored green. In each round the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped onto it. Place your bet and hope that you will predict right.

European Roulette Gold is a variation of the game that you need to check out. This game is based on the European roulette and consists of 36 numbers and a single 0. This game comes from Microgaming and it offers some impressive graphics and sound effects.



Online video slots are among the most popular games at any casino. At Mummy's Gold Casino, you can find a wide range of games from leading online casino game developer Microgaming. If you don't have a favorite slot yet, you can explore and find one that you like. The reasons for their huge popularity are many. They are a perfect combination of high-quality entertainment and life-changing payouts.

3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots will take you back in time when slots were simple and the payouts were big. Classic slots are still highly popular among gamblers. They have a very particular setup with 1 to 5 pay lines and most of them don't have any special features, some of them have Wilds as special symbols. If you want to give one of these games a try you should try Bar Bar Black Sheep, Jungle 7s, Off the Hook, and Sonic Boom, just to name some.

5 Reel Slots

5 Reel Slots are by far the most popular types of games played online. They have a more modern feel with many pay lines and exciting bonus features.



Video poker is a mixture of online slots and poker. It seems that someone thought to combine two great games into one and the result is amazing. At Mummy's Gold you can find the greatest range of games with different betting stakes so there is something for everyone.

Unlike table poker, video poker requires you to look at the paytable before you start playing to see which hands are of most value. If you have played table poker before you will be happy to know that all the same hands are used in video poker as well.

The most popular variation of Video Poker you can find at Mummy's Gold is Jacks or Better but there are other variations also played by many like All American Video Poker, Deuces and Joker, and many more. Even though video poker is an easy game to play, we suggest that you learn the winning hands for better results.

Another popular variation of the game is Deuces Wild where Deuces act as a wild symbol. And if you are in for a more challenging game, you can try 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold that offers you the chance to play three-card poker. What is more, you can play at 5 different tables at the same time. Players who are looking for a more challenging option enjoy playing 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold. You don't have to constantly switch windows but instead you will have all your options laid out in the same place. You are in complete control of the game when you play 3 Card Poker Multi-Hand Gold. In front of you have 5 betting areas and you need to place your ante on the amount of the ones you wish to wager.

Bonus 10 Power Poker

This version of the video poker allows you to play 10 hands of cards simultaneously. This is a great game where you can play more hands at once instead of going through the game one hand at a time.

The objective of video poker game is to get the best 5-card hand and the best approach is to use the Strategy table and to discard the cards that are not mentioned here:

Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, or 3 of a Kind

4 Cards to a Royal Flush

Flush or Straight

4 Cards to a Straight Flush

2 Pair

Pair of Jacks or Higher

3 Cards to a Royal Flush

4 Cards to a Flush

Any Pair

4 Cards to an Open-Ended Straight

2 High Cards (Same Suit)

3 Cards to a Straight Flush

2 High Cards (Different Suits)

Face Card and a 10 of the Same Suit

A single High Card



Blackjack is another very popular table game played around the world. The game was first played in 18th century France in the homes of Aristocrats and it was known as Twenty-One. The rules are pretty much the same today, but the good thing is that the game is available to anyone today.

The idea of the game is to get a hand that is 21 in value or as closer to that. You can't go higher than 21 and at the same time you need to beat the dealer.

When you want to start the round you need to place your bet and you will get 2 cards. Once you see both your cards and one of the dealer's cards you need to decide what your next move would be. You have the option to stand if you are satisfied with the hand you have. You can Double Down and get another card and double your bet. You can split if you have a Pair and play the game with two separate hands.

Since blackjack is a very popular game it is completely normal to have many different variations of the same. If you are a beginner we advise you to start with the classic version and once you feel more comfortable you can play Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and many more.

All these variations have a different set of rules and features that will make the game more challenging for you, and thus enjoyable to play. Let's take Double Exposure Blackjack for an example. Here you can see both the dealer's cards but there are other stricter rules to the game that will make it more interesting.

Blackjack Strategy

Just like in any other game, the more you play the more experience you will get, and the better you'll become. There are some basic rules that you need to learn if you are a complete beginner to improve your gameplay. These strategies include some basic moves like when to hit or when to stand depending on the total value of your first two cards.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series is a very intriguing game from Microgaming that you can give a try. The gameplay is almost the same as the original game, but this one has a style of its own that gives her the charm. There is no limit when it comes to Doubling Down, you can split pairs up to 3 times and stand on all 17s, are just some of the many rules that make this game stand out in the crowd. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and if the dealer is showing a 10, you can buy insurance.

When you want to play the game, select the amount that you want to wager on the round and click on Deal. You will receive two cards face up, and the dealer will receive one card face up and one card face down. When you see your cards, you can decide what your next move would be. The game of Blackjack is fairly easy as you can see, but if you are still not sure, you can try the game in demo mode without having to deposit funds. Once you feel confident enough you can deposit funds to your Mummy's Gold account and see the true colors of the game.

Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

At Mummy's Gold you can play Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold which is a pure and simple game. You don't have to think about any side bets and surprises but instead you can concentrate on the essence of the game, and that is to get a hand closer to 21.

The game is played with 2 standard decks of cards and it offers a wide betting range, allowing different kinds of players to enjoy the game.

What makes this game different is the Expert Mode which allows you to personalize your strategy. You can input what action you want the game to take on almost all of the possible pairs possible and set the Auto Play. This way you are more in control of the gameplay rather than leaving the software to decide for you.

Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series

Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series

If you are a huge fan of Blackjack then you should give Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series from Microgaming a try. You will face the dealer in a multi-hand game with big win opportunities.

Pontoon has the same rules as Blackjack with some minor differences. A natural hand here is called Pontoon and the players must hit on a hand lower than 15. The game is played with 8 regular decks of cards with multiple hands available at every round. You start the game by placing a bet on the table by clicking on the chips located at the bottom of the screen and click on the Deal button. You will receive 2 cards face-up and the dealer gets 2 cards face-down. The idea of the game is to get a hand with a total value of 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust.

In Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series you must hit on a hand that is lower than 15. If you manage to score 21 with a total of 5 cards this is the so-called 5 card trick, and you will be paid 2:1.

In Pontoon Blackjack Gold Series you won't see the dealer’s cards and that is the challenging touch of this game. If you have a hand that is higher than 21, this is called going bust, and if this happens to you, you lose the bet.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a game that offers a realistic atmosphere thanks to the great music and ambient sounds. This is one very popular variation of blackjack played both at land-based casinos and the good news is that you can find it at Mummy's Gold too. The game is played with 4 decks of standard cards and after each round the cards are shuffled. The idea of the game is to get a hand that is with a value of 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer's hand but without going over 21. You are allowed to split up to 3 times which will leave you with 4 separate hands.

Real Money Games

Real Money Games

At Mummy's Gold you can find a huge selection of casino games to play. All you have to do is to create an account and enjoy the many opportunities the casino has to offer. All new players will receive a generous welcome offer to get things started and prolong their gameplay. There are plenty of promotions available regularly for players so if you still don't have an account with the casino we suggest you create one and enjoy the many benefits the casino has to offer.

Mummy's Gold Casino Review

Mummy's Gold Casino Review

Mummy's Gold Casino has been in the market since 2014. This online casino provides a variety of games and runs various promotions. As far as legal compliance and player security go, it meets all the international requirements of a casino. In light of this fact, players find it reliable and safe. Some key highlights about Mummy's Casino; confidentiality is guaranteed, games are fair, and withdrawals for all winning are assured, provided wagering requirements are met.