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Slots MagicResponsible Gambling
BonusBonus $100 + 50 Free Spins
Wide variety of slot games
Generous welcome bonus
24/7 customer support
Wide variety of slot games
Generous welcome bonus
24/7 customer support
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gaming, Slots Magic is all about encouraging ethical behavior. Slots Magic is committed to ensuring that its users have a positive and secure gaming experience. Thanks to the casino's dedication to player protection and ethical betting, it’s a popular go-to place for those seeking just such conditions.

There are some certain steps you can take even before you decide to play for real money. One of the most effective one is to limit your deposit. This way you are more in control of how much money you spend gambling. You set a budget and once you reach your limit you can`t make a deposit. You can restrict your daily, weekly or monthly deposit.

Self-Assessment Test

A self-assessment test will help you in a great way to determine whether your gambling is starting to become an issue or not. If you have a slightest concern about your gambling then you should take the test and see the results.

  • Have you ever lost time from work or school due to gambling?
  • Have you ever felt unhappy due to your gambling habits?
  • Does gambling affect your reputation?
  • Do you ever feel remorseful after gambling?
  • Do you ever gamble to win money to pay your every day expenses?
  • Does gambling make you feel less ambitious?
  • Do you feel like you have to return and win back the money you have already lost gambling?
  • Do you have a strong urge to gamble more after a win?
  • Do you ever borrow money to finance your gambling habits?
  • Have you ever sold anything to have money for gambling?
  • Do you feel reluctant to use your ‘gambling money’ for anything else?
  • Do you gamble longer than you intended to?
  • Do you gamble to escape your worries and troubles?
  • Have you ever thought of committing an illegal act to finance you gambling habits?
  • Have you ever lost sleep due to your gambling?
  • Do you get the urge to gamble when you have troubles in your life?
  • Do you celebrate good news with playing games online instead with your family?
  • Have you ever considered suicide as a result of your gambling?


If you really need to stay away from gambling for awhile but you can`t trust yourself, then you can use the Player Limitation options. Head to your account and there are a plenty of Player Limitations you can choose from.

  • The first option and the least drastic is the cooling-off period. You can choose to close your account for 24 hours up to 7 days.
  • Then, you can choose Temporary Suspension that will help you close your account between 30 and 90 days.
  • Self-exclusion is the last option, but if you believe that it is necessary then we strongly advise you to choose it. You can start by closing your account for 180 days, and you can increase this amount by contacting Customer Support. During the self-exclusion period you will not be able to deposit and gamble from your account. The casino will respect your decision and they will not send any promotional materials your way during this time.

Slots Magic keeps a watchful eye to all their players. When they notice that you show signs of gambling problems they will contact you. We advise you to check one of the following website of some of the most well-known organizations for further advice and guidance:

Responsible Gaming

It is very important that you enjoy and have a nice experience when you join Slots Magic. But, it is possible that some people will try to take advantage of gambling and thus it may begin to have a negative influence on them. Gambling addiction is a serious issue and it should be treated as such. Slots Magic offers a fair and transparent environment that will allow you to have a memorable experience.

Reality Check

You can add a reality check to your account. Contact the customer support and they will help you set the Reality Check option to your account. Each time, the number of minutes that you have chosen passes a message will appear across your screen. This message will let you know how much time you have spend playing and whether you want to continue playing or turn off the game.